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Bringing head shops back

There was once a time where people of like mindedness could gather and socialize in a safe setting. We're here to bring this culture back!


Every person you meet may have a different definition of 'head shop' and its definitely been cause for some riff, but one thing we know, is that head shops were known to always sell products that assisted in elevating your mindset. Whether that be through music, paraphernalia, incense, or alternative herbal medicines, you could always count on a head shop to have those alternative items you couldn't find anywhere else.

But there's a deeper history than just selling goods, they eventually became a place to hangout, a social setting if you will, where like minded individuals could gather and talk about things like government resistance, anti-war movements and ways to mainstream higher thinking. Ideas and topics that were typically 'hush hush' (I guess they still are thanks to online censorship!) But these topics shaped way for a whole hippy movement in the late 60's, preaching love and peace in a time where we needed love and peace. In a time before cell phones and instagram, people sought connection in familiar spaces, where they know they could find like minded people, this is what led to them gathering in head shops and finding their people.

Its true that head shops emerged from the hippie counterculture in the late 1960s, and at that time, many of them had close ties to the anti-Vietnam War movement as well as groups in the marijuana legalization movement. The reason this is so important to us, is because we have created a safe space for connection and intention and we want our fellow heads to know where we are.

No matter what you believe in, you have a safe space to talk about it here. Grab a coffee, spark one up on our outdoor patio and connect the old fashioned way. 

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