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So you wanna have a party?

We can host events and get togethers of different types and sizes. Here Is a breakdown of what you'll receive from us 


Live Glassblowing

Depending on the time and date of your event, we can arrange for you to have live glassblowing at your event, that is visible from within the coffee shop.


Smoking Patio (420 friendly)

Our smoking patio is always open for customers, and if you're renting our space, you automatically have access to our patio, oversized outdoor games and music.


Beverage Bar

We have a non-alcoholic beverage bar, full of different coffee, tea, juice and mock-tails. Our staff will always be present at the bar for any event, ready to serve up whatever you're thirstin' for.

Other Amenities

Image by National Cancer Institute

Fully Wheelchair accessible

Our space has been measured to ensure wheelchairs can get through, our restroom has rails for assistance and our patio, equipped with a handicap ramp for easy rollin'

All Gender Restroom

Gender neutral restroom

Single stall, gender neutral restroom maintained and cleaned multiple times a day. 

Playing Cards


From nostalgic board games to silly party games, we've decked our shelves with fun ways to interact and play with others.


Dj booth

We have Pioneer CDJ 2000's and they're hooked up to our house sound system, so our Dj's can travel light.


Snacks & Drinks

We have a variety of exotic snacks, and drinks to satisfy your munchies.


Judgement free zone

A completely judgement free zone, you'll have to be here to feel it, but we can promise you that you're in good hands.

What kind of event is it?



Private Event

Private rentals include work parties, celebrations and get togethers that have a headcount, aren't selling tickets and are closed off to the public.


Public Event

A public event is considered when the space is being rented for a ticketed event and the public is available to purchase tickets and participate


Full Service

Allow us to take the reigns and host your party for you. Complete with catering, music, and activities, we can coordinate your whole event from top to bottom.

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